Resume watching / In Progress does not work

FilmStruck does have a bookmarking process that remembers where you left off in a film that you were watching. We are always working on improvements but, until we install those improvements, here are a few rules that can help you from losing your place:

1) The bookmark is stored with your log in. If you change log ins, you will not be able to access your bookmarks.

2) You have to be at least 5% of the way into the film before the bookmark process begins. The process continues until you are within 5% of the ending. At that point, you will be asked if you want to "Watch Again".

3) The bookmark is stored only when you leave the film you are watching and return to the description page.

NOTE: This last rule can lead to the following bookmarking failures:

1) If you leave the film in pause and come back to find the application closed, the bookmark will not be stored.

2) If the application or the device on which you are watching FilmStruck crashes, the bookmark will not be stored.

3) For Roku users, if you are watching a movie and hit the Home button without stopping the film and returning to the description page, the bookmark will not be stored.

Bookmarking on Chromecast is still under development and for now there is only an approximation of location. We hope to better this situation soon.

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