How do I change my name or password?

Visit:!/login if you have forgotten your password.  We will email you with a new password. 

I know my Email and Password: If you know the email and password for your FilmStruck account, you can update or change your name or password by loging into on a laptop or desktop computer. Email address cannot be changed as these are linked to your account.

Once logged in, from the home page, please select "My Account" from the main menu drop down under your name.  From the My Account screen, select “Email and Password."  You’ll be able to make changes to your Screen Name and generate a new password and save your account settings here.

I don't know my Password: If you have forgotten your password, visit!/login, and select "Forgot Password?" from the sign-in page.  Follow the instructions; a new password will be emailed to you.  You can then change your password whenever you like through the settings under "My Account."

I don't know my Email or Password: If you have forgotten your email address or have problems resetting your account or accessing your account, please contact our Customer Service at 

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