Does FilmStruck support casting via Apple Airplay and Chromecast?

Yes, FilmStruck supports casting to your TV for Android and iOS devices

iOS Devices:  FilmStruck supports casting via Airplay for supported iOS devices. Please refer to the "Devices" section to review supported iOS devices and operating systems.  To access AirPlay, open FilmStruck on your device, open a movie and hit pause. Press the home button on your device, then swipe up from the bottom to get to the device's Command Center. From the Airplay area you should be able to connect to your Airplay device and play the movie.

Chromecast: Our Android apps currently support 2nd generation and above versions of Chromecast. 

Please note: If you currently have a First Generation Chromecast stick (discontinued in 2015), Google has reported a firmware fix for a current playback issue.  This is scheduled to be deployed the week of Feb 20th, 2017. 


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