Amazon Fire TV Stick (1st Gen): Audio Synch Issues

In FilmStruck tests with Amazon Fire TV (1st Gen) with internet connectivity of 3.0Mbs and above and adequate memory on the device, streaming and audio synchronization works successfully. Our engineering team has optimized video to perform on 1st Generation Fire TV Sticks. 

Please Note: Amazon Fire TV Stick (1st Gen) has legacy customer reported issues in not successfully supporting synch sound streaming across a number of services. 

Some users with this issue report success in switching to stereo output from 5.1 audio.  Also, using an optical cable instead of audio from HDMI solved this for some users.  Some users report resetting their Fire TV Stick to factory defaults also solves this issue. 

While FilmStruck is supported for Fire TV Sticks 1st Generation, the device has low memory and processing power.  To get the best experience of FilmStruck, we recommend upgrading to newer Fire TV Sticks which have generally better results across the board with customers for many streaming services. 




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